By Andrew Oyovwiraye

Chief Onajite Brown J P is the Executive Chairman of Udu Local Area,also the Candidate of People Democratic Party ( P D P),the largest Party in Africa, to represent the good People of Udu Local Government Area in Delta State House of Assembly come May 29 th.,2023
He could be describe as a Political Bride , that every good person will love to’ woo’, he has been tested and trusted in the Political Fermament of Udu.He is a quissential gentleman (complete gentleman), a peace builder per excellent; hardworking; pragmatic in his Leadership Style; workaholics and never mixed his private business with political assignment.
Chief Jite Brown who bears the Traditional Title of” ABEREN” of Udu Kingdom in his recognition of his contribution to the development of Udu Kingdom by H R M,.OWHORU 1, the Ovie of Udu Kingdom.He has successfully brought the Traditional Institution together.with the Political Class with ease and Splendor in Udu Kingdom.This is indeed makes for further understanding and growth in the kingdom.
As to attest for his administrative acumen ever since he came on board, the succession of Chairmanship Leadership In various Udu Communities, which has been chaotic and violent and at times ends up in the Law Court ,he has brought this ugly trend that plaques Udu Communities to an end by grace of God,he took time to settle disputes between one Community and the other,even between an individual and another, a good example is the age long disputes between Aladja and Ogbe Ijaw of Warri South with assistance of Ovie of Udu and Delta State Government and also resolved the dispute between Obubu and Oleri Community that gulp up valuable like properties worth million of Naira, especially of the Obubu People, to mention but a few _ We salute your bravado and your forthrightness in handling situation of such, his reigns has brought peace between the Executives and Legislature in Udu Local Government of Council,ever before now,we had situation of feud between the Chairman and Councilors or verse varsa.
Sequel to the above sterling qualities of this energetic man called Chief Jite Brown,all bonafide Voters in Udu Local Government Area, should come out in large number to vote HIM to the Delta state House of Assembly, he surely be a” Square Peg in a square hole”,he will never disappoint Udu People at ll, he will bring even development to the kingdom.
Indeed,a VOTE for JITE,is a vote for infrastructural development,human and Capital development.
He is rooted in the the Politics of Delta State.
Let’s put off all I’ll feelings aside and vote enmassly for Chief Jite Brown come 2023
Olorogun Andrew Oghenevwegba Oyovwiraye JP
( Social Commentator,/ P DP Chieftain in Udu L G A)_ ERIARIEN of Udu Kingdom

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