“Celestial Shepherd Gifts Members Millions for Business Startups, Rewards Stewardship”

By; Godwin Unity

A Popular Shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ in Charge of King of Glory Parish In Udu Local Government Area of Delta State has gifted his members millions of naira sum up to be Ten Million, One Hundred Thousand Naira to help members of his church parish start up their businesses, and for some, a reward for their stewardship.

The Shepherd-In-Charge named Prophet Victor Padonu presented the cheques during a Sunday glorious service of the parish held on Sunday 9th of June, 2024 at the Church Auditorium located at DSC Expressway, Igbogidi, Udu, Delta State.

The Shepherd whom was set to share the word of God, while it was time for sermon notified the church that God has directed him to bless his members and put smiles on their faces. He proceeded by saying it was the instructions of God to make his members happy, and for some, it is a promise he has made to them and it must be fulfilled today.

Prophet Victor Padonu who found this as a joyous moment, was seen dancing and smiling while he called on the members to line up and receive their cheques. He also noted that his initial choice was to give out two hundred thousand naira to ten persons but upon seeing the joy amongst his members, he is increasing the numbers to Eighteen persons.

Prophet Victor Padonu stated that the essence of the two hundred thousand naira gift to the eighteen persons was to enable them start up their business and have a means of livelihood so they could worship God more better. He admonished the recipients to use the money for their businesses and yield profit for themselves as it is the will of God to see His children prosper.

In addition, the Prophet called out the church Secretary two and Secretary three, noting that while gifted the church Secretary One the sum of two million naira in 2023, he promised to spread the love to the other Secretaries and today he is fulfilling that promise by gifting them the sum of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand naira each for their stewardship as Secretaries of the church.

In same vein, he gift the Choir Master of the Church the sum of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand for being a dedicated Chior master over the years.

Furthermore, as part of his reward to stewardship, the Shepherd-In-Charge called out four members whom he described as long time members who have sticked to being members of the parish for years even while he had nothing as a shepherd and gifted them with the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira each.

While the whole church danced, sang and jubilated in an electrifying atmosphere, Prophet Victor Padonu admonished the church to be steadfast in their service to God, shun all forms of distractions and stay focus in the heavenly race. He added that God’s children must be an example of wealth as God is a wealthy God.

In summary, the Prophet gave out Two Hundred Thousand Naira to Eighteen Persons (#3,600,000), Five Hundred Thousand to Four Persons (#2,000,000), One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira to Three Persons (#4,500,000) summing to Ten Million, One Hundred Thousand Naira (#10,100,000)

Truly, it pays to serve JESUS!

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