Atiku, a Pan-Nigerian leader, says Aniagwu

Spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Presidential Campaign Council, Mr. Charles Aniagwu, has described the party’s Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar as a pan-Nigerian leader and not an ethnic jingoist.

He said that contrary to the comments trailing Atiku’s statement in Kaduna, the PDP standard bearer remains a Pan-Nigerian leader and a unifier who had built bridges across the country.

Speaking on Arise TV on Monday night, Aniagwu remarked that Atiku’s comment was being misunderstood and quoted out of context, adding that the APC were lashing in on the comment because they lacked what to talk about.

“Atiku is not a man given to ethnic jingoism and will never get involved in acts capable of dividing the country along ethnic, religion or regional lines.

“As a political party the APC has done so badly that they don’t have issues to talk about so they will always want to cash in on anything that will take Nigerians away from the real issues.

“Atiku has built bridges across the country as a pan-nigerian and he advocated for a pan-nigerian leader who will be able to take a look at what the entire country needs.

“Atiku is one person that has respect for everybody irrespective of class and that is what is needed to deal with the issues bedeviling our country,”

He said the 2023 election was for the PDP to win because the other political parties were not prepared to deal with the issues.

“At the moment we are trying as much as possible to galvanize a number of Nigerians for us to tell them what the Atiku-Okowa ticket has for Nigerians and that is to rescue our country from where we are at the moment.

“If you take a look at the INEC timetable, only the PDP has started official campaigns, our own business is to stay with the issues and those issues are very well known to us that our country is in a very bad shape at the moment.

“As a party we are coming in to be able to effectively manage our diversity which is at the lowest ebb on account of its mismanagement by the APC.

“Our candidate is coming to address the issues affecting the component units of this country because at the moment the states and local governments are not functioning effectively because they lacked the needed funds to carry out its functions,” Aniagwu stated.

He commended the leadership and members of the party in Kaduna state for their unwavering support despite attempts to disrupt the rally in the ancient city by thugs.

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