Archbishop Odutemu: The Aura Of Grace

It was at a crusade ground, being organized by one of the greatest evangelists in the history of Nigeria, Colineous Adam Igbudu. Then, came the bangs of birth on Mama and he broke forth.

Pa Adam Igbudu who was full of the Holy Spirit and grace prophetically named him there and then, OdiborOghene, servant of God.

Truly, our beloved father, the Most Reverend Cyril OdiborOghene Odutemu, PhD, JP, the Archbishop of Bendel Province, Anglican Communion, is manifesting the name.

Our father who had a stint with the Nigerian Army is now God’s General leading thousands and millions of believers of Christ on the heavenly path.

Your first encounter with his Grace, you would be wowed by the aura of grace and presence of God around him.

At his rising, the holy bible says great men and women shall come – today, the great, the mighty and even the low of the society want to be around our dear father in God, the Most Reverend Cyril OdiborOghene Odutemu.

What pulls and glues people to the Archbishop of Bendel Province is the God factor manifested in the anointing, Christ centred humility, integrity, uncommon but never showmanship generosity, love and kindness to others, promise keeping and time management expertise.

Though, he has become a global christian leader, never forgets his root as he maintains and improves relationship with his families and friends.

Most Reverend Odutemu who is highly educated as he has a Doctor of Philosophy Degree, PhD, scholar in Hebrew and Greek biblical studies yet very versed in the dynamics of the Urhobo cultural heritage, especially the language and hospitality.

As our beloved Ose resiri turns a new year today, we, the Nelson Millers join others to celebrate this great but humble man of God and wish him more of God’s grace, increase of anointing and prosperity in all facets of life in Jesus name.

Congratulations, Ose resiri.

Nelson Miller, JP

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