Amori is Pan-Urhobo

By Amori Media
Thursday, Nov 17, 2022

That Amori is pan-Urhobo (and beyond) is a fact that speaks for itself. The collective goals and objectives of the Urhobo people in particular and Delta State in general have benefited from the good contributions made by the Odidimadi. Therefore, if given a platform in the field of national politics in our nation, he will accomplish much more.

Amori is one of the few illustrious sons of Urhobo who have been at the forefront of driving the Urhobo project. He has done marvellously well in fighting a just course for Urhobo Nation. As commissioner for education, through whom three polytechnics were established, Amori ensured even distribution of these schools among the three senatorial districts in the State. All his deeds and works have been devoid of clannishness, favouritism and nepotism.

In order to support a stronger and indivisible Senatorial district if elected in 2023, Amori reaffirmed in his declaration speech his commitment to upholding the unity and progress of the Urhobo country. Along with promising that his voice will be heard throughout the National Assembly to make room for all Urhobo sons and daughters, he has also stated that he will work assiduously to ensure that the entire Delta-Central territories undergo a massive transformation in terms of capital and human development. These are not mere political statements, given Amori’s antecedents.

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