2023: Why Nigerians want PDP’s return to power – Aniagwu

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says Nigerians were desirous of its return to power at the centre to fix the myriad of economic, security and governance challenges bedeviling the nation.

Mr Charles Aniagwu, Commissioner for Information in Delta, and member of the PDP National Convention Publicity sub-committee, spoke on ‘Democracy’ on Africa Independent Television, AIT, in Abuja said that after more than six years in office, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) had failed to proffer solutions to nation’s challenges.

Aniagwu said the people want PDP returned to power because the economy is not in good shape and as a country so much more is desired from the government by the people.

“You do know that Nigeria has two major political parties, and you don’t need a soothsayer to make you understand what the word ‘governance’ is all about.

“For that reason, Nigerians would want a bag of rice returned to N7,000 and there are many reasons why Nigerians are asking for the return of the PDP and we are very much aware of the need to reinvent ourselves as a party,” Aniagwu said.

On the accusation that PDP was always “attacking” the APC, Aniagwu said the PDP speaks the truth always unlike some other parties.

“For instance, that you go to the market today to buy a bag of beans for N100,000 is not an attack, It’s an obvious fact that you need to state.

“That today we have become very much indebted in the history of the country is not an attack, It’s a statement of fact and it has become desirous of the PDP to correct these many ills.

“The PDP is a party that understands that the youths plays a very important role in the development of the country and to that extent, the party is very much desirous to bringing in a youth leader that would also be youthful in the youth bracket.

“In bringing the leadership of the party at the National Level, apart from the party’s National Chairman, the party would also bring those who understands the situation of the country and how to proffer solutions to it.

“The party is very much interested in addressing the issues of the economy which is one other major challenge facing us today, and that of insecurity.

“When the PDP was in power, we brought in experts like Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Olusegun Aganga, Dr Akinwunmi Adesina and many others to drive the economy and we experienced real economic growth and handed over Africa’s largest economy to the APC in 2015.

“Today the APC has destroyed the economy of the nation with excruciating debts, massive foreign exchange crisis and unabating insecurity across the land.

“Nigerians have suffered so much in the past six years and it is without doubt that they want the PDP back in 2023 because the party represents the interests and yearnings of the people,” he stated.

On preparations for the party’s National Convention, Aniagwu said the party was very much prepared as all committees were already on ground making arrangements for the success of the convention.

He said the party was not worried about the impending Appeal Court ruling because it recognises member’s right to seek court redress on any matter.

“At the moment the party is not having any court judgement restricting it from going ahead to conduct the party’s convention.

“It’s an elective convention with the purpose of bringing on board new set of leaders that will help to reinvent the party and bring it back to winning ways.

“The party’s echelon is working hard to unite all contending forces and of course you know it’s a big party and we have internal dispute resolution mechanisms which had always worked for us.

“The Chairman of the Convention Planning Committee, Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa and members of that committee are on top of the situation.

“The Chairman of the Sub Committee on Accreditation who happens to be my boss, the Governor of Delta, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa also had a meeting with members of that committee to ensure that only those authorised as delegates have access to the Eagles Square venue of the National Convention on Saturday,”

On the issue of the suspended National Chairman, Aniagwu said: “We do believe that he is a party man and would be very much interested in the progress of the party at a time like this where most Nigerians are yearning for the return of the PDP.

“The PDP is an organized political party that has an internal mechanism. The peace in the PDP is evident that the party is well coordinated.

“We are well convinced that the National Convention which comes up on Saturday and Sunday would go on very smoothly as everything has been put in place and the committees are doing all their best in making sure that everything works out perfectly and we are convinced that at the end of it all Nigerians would see the transparency in the PDP,” Aniagwu added

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