2023: Oborevwori will run inclusive government, accommodate detractors – Okowa’s EAC.

…Predicts victory at Supreme Court on Friday

Executive Assistant on Communications to Delta State governor and Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Olorogun Barr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe has assured political detractors of the state PDP gubernatorial candidate, Rt Hon Oborevwori Sheriff Francis Orohwedor, that the unwarranted legal friction will not deter his principal from accommodating them in his administration.

Oghenesivbe made the assertion in a public affairs radio programme monitored in Asaba on Wednesday 19th October, saying that Oborevwori is a leader with a heart of gold, and will not victimize anyone during his tenure as governor of Delta State, from 2023 to 2031.

He said the struggle for political power usually come in different shapes and sizes because of the multifaceted interests among political gladiators, pointing out that in the instant case of David Edevbie vs Oborevwori, it was crystal clear that acute desperation on the part of former aspirant Edevbie, who lost woefully at the Guber primary led him astray to take wrong and futile legal actions which the Court of Appeal quashed in it’s widely applauded judgment.

Oghenesivbe, a Justice of the Peace, JP, and a Minister in the Temple of Justice, posited that the legal lacunas in Edevbie’s vile and unscrupulous action met brick walls at the Court of Appeal which described the Federal High Court ruling in favour of Edevbie as “Perversed” in all ramifications; meaning that Justice Taiwo’s judgment was in bad faith and a dubious miscarriage of justice.

He averred that the Apex Court in previous decisions relating to forged or fake academic certificates held that the issuing authority (WAEC or the Universities attended) must be involved in the evidential proof to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

According to Okowa’s EAC, the Supreme Court precedent is to the effect that you cannot shave a man’s hair on his behalf; meaning that Courts of Justice in Nigeria should never give judgment on the surface value of any academic certificate or by mere allegation by an individual without recourse to the issuing authority.

Evidence must be led and the issuing authority of the academic certificates must testify in Court. The precedent was not followed at the Federal High Court in Edevbie vs Oborevwori.

“To answer your question on whether or not Oborevwori will win at the Supreme Court, the facts in issue are clear and unequivocal to the extent that the Court of Appeal did justice to all legal lacunas created by the lower Court.

“It is out of place to deploy originating Summons to address a serious criminal allegation which ought to be dealt with via Writ of Summons. The Appeal Court was clear on this fact. It is the law that the person that alleges must prove his allegations beyond reasonable doubt, not the accused person.

“It is unacceptable for Edevbie not to prove his criminal allegations against Oborevwori beyond reasonable doubt. Apart from Affidavit, there are no evidential proof on the part of Edevbie and his sponsors to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt because he knew that Oborevwori is a clean man, anytime and any day.

“Edevbie’s Oborevwori Francis remain a ghost, he does not exist. The only Oborevwori Francis in existence.and known to Law is the Governorship candidate of Delta PDP who holds a valid WAEC Certificate, a second class upper division degree in Political Science and a Master degree in Political Science. Edevbie could not present his own Oborevwori Francis in Court.

“The Court of Appeal was clear when the Justices affirmed that Oborevwori was and is the validly nominated governorship candidate of Delta PDP. Again, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, was yet to publish names of candidates when Edevbie rushed to Court in violation of subsisting relevant sections of the Electoral Act, 2022. He was extremely desperate like his sponsors.

“Edevbie sued Oborevwori in his correct names and could not provide any evidence to show that he has a genuine case against him. It was the business of Edevbie to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt as required in criminal jurisdiction but he goofed big time.

“Edevbie knew he had no case against Oborevwori. He was mischievously pushed by his desperate sponsors. Oborevwori and Edevbie have been in government together since 1999, working together in successive administrations.

“Edevbie knew that Oborevwori is well educated and the longest serving Speaker in the State, He allowed himself to be pushed to do what he did but Oborevwori was vindicated by the Court of Appeal.

“My Principal, Oborevwori and the PDP family shall rejoice after the Supreme Court ruling on Friday, 21st October, by the grace of God. It’s obvious that the Apex Court shall uphold the ruling of the Court of Appeal.

“Oborevwori promised to run an all inclusive government, he will accommodate and work with his detractors to bring about Meaningful Development, provide Opportunity for all Deltans, bring about Realistic reforms and Enhanced Peace, Security and Social Harmony in the state,” Oghenesivbe assured.

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